Burger Clicker: Build Your Own Burger Empire!

Welcome to Burger Clicker, the ultimate idle clicker game where you can build your very own burger empire from scratch! Start small by flipping burgers, tapping your way to success, and eventually expanding your burger chain to become a global burger tycoon. With addictive gameplay, vibrant graphics, and deliciously satisfying burger-building mechanics, Burger Clicker is a game that will leave you hungry for more!

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Burger Clicker Gameplay

  • Start by clicking on the burger patties to cook and flip them. The faster you click, the more burgers you can cook, and the more money you can earn.
  • Use your earnings to hire workers and upgrade your kitchen equipment, such as grills, fryers, and ovens, to increase your burger production and efficiency.
  • Discover new burger ingredients and recipes as you progress, from classic beef patties to gourmet toppings like bacon, avocado, and truffle sauce. Experiment with different combinations to create the most mouth-watering burgers.
  • As you earn more money, expand your burger chain by opening new restaurants in different locations around the world. Each location comes with its unique set of challenges and opportunities, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.
  • When you’ve built a successful burger empire, you can choose to prestige, which resets your progress but grants you powerful bonuses that will accelerate your burger-making business in subsequent playthroughs.

Game Strategies

  • Invest your earnings in upgrading your kitchen equipment, workers, and burger ingredients to increase your production efficiency and earn more money per click.
  • Discover and unlock new burger ingredients and recipes to attract more customers and increase your sales.
  • Strike a balance between hiring more workers, upgrading equipment, and unlocking new ingredients to optimize your earnings and progress efficiently.
  • Choose the right locations to open new restaurants, as each location comes with unique challenges and opportunities. Consider factors like customer demand, rent costs, and potential sales to make strategic expansion decisions.
  • Once you’ve accumulated a significant amount of earnings, consider prestiging to earn powerful bonuses that will boost your burger business in subsequent playthroughs.


  • Addictive idle clicker gameplay.
  • Wide variety of burger ingredients and recipes to unlock.
  • Upgrades for kitchen equipment and worker efficiency.
  • Multiple restaurant locations to expand your empire.
  • Prestige system for powerful bonuses.

How to Play?

  1. Click on the burger patties to cook and flip them.
  2. Hire workers and upgrade kitchen equipment.
  3. Unlock new ingredients and recipes.
  4. Expand your burger chain to new locations.


  • Click rapidly to cook and flip burgers quickly.
  • Invest in upgrades to increase production efficiency.
  • Experiment with different burger ingredient combinations.
  • Strategically expand to new locations based on customer demand and potential sales.
  • Consider prestiging for powerful bonuses to accelerate your progress.

Release Date

  • March 2023

Last Updated

  • Apr 07, 2023



  • Web browsers


  • Press the left mouse button on the burger to earn money.

Why You Should Play?

Burger Clicker offers an addictive and satisfying burger-building experience that will keep you coming back for more. With its engaging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and a wide variety of ingredients and recipes to unlock, it’s a game that will challenge your burger-making skills and strategic thinking. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a fan of idle clicker games, Burger Clicker is a deliciously fun game that will satisfy your craving for a tasty burger empire-building adventure!

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