Foundation Kingdom Build Guard – Protect Your Kingdom from Invaders

Foundation Kingdom Build Guard is a thrilling strategy game that challenges players to build and protect their own kingdom from enemy attacks. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, players will embark on a journey to become the ultimate ruler of their own kingdom. Moreover, its simply an addictive game among all the games out there.

Foundation Kingdom Build Guard Gameplay

In Foundation Kingdom Build Guard, players start with a small castle and a few resources. The goal is to build up their kingdom by constructing buildings, gathering resources, and training armies. As players progress, they will unlock new buildings and upgrades to improve their defenses and increase their resources.

However, building and expanding their kingdom is not enough. Players must also protect their kingdom from enemy attacks. The game features a variety of enemy factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Players must strategize and plan their defenses accordingly to fend off these invaders and protect their kingdom.


  • Build and customize your own kingdom with a variety of buildings and upgrades.
  • Train and command your own army to defend your kingdom.
  • Battle against enemy factions with different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Complete quests and earn rewards to unlock new buildings and upgrades.
  • Play with friends and form alliances to strengthen your defenses.

How to play?

  1. Build and upgrade buildings to improve your kingdom’s resources and defenses.
  2. Train and command your own army to defend your kingdom from enemy attacks.
  3. Strategize and plan your defenses to fend off enemy invaders.
  4. Complete quests and earn rewards to unlock new buildings and upgrades.


  • Always be expanding your kingdom and improving your defenses.
  • Don’t neglect your army – a strong defense is key to protecting your kingdom.
  • Focus on upgrading your resource-gathering buildings to ensure a steady supply of resources.
  • Complete quests to earn rewards and unlock new buildings and upgrades.
  • Form alliances with other players to strengthen your defenses and take on tougher enemies.

Release Date

  • Android April 2022
  • Web September 2022

Last Updated

  • Nov 11, 2022



  • Web browsers
  • Android


  • WASD / arrow keys / hold left-click and move / mobile touchpad = move
  • Left-click = interact with the in-game UI

Why you should play?

Foundation Kingdom Build Guard is an addictive and engaging strategy game that offers hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned strategy gamer or new to the genre, the game’s simple mechanics and challenging gameplay make it a must-play. Build up your kingdom, train your armies, and defend against enemy invaders to become the ultimate ruler of your own kingdom.

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