My Mart: A Crazy Addictive Game

My Mart is a crazy thrilling retail simulation game that lets players experience the joys and challenges of running their own store. From building and customizing their store to managing inventory and pricing strategies, My Mart offers a comprehensive and immersive retail experience that is both fun and challenging.

My Mart Gameplay

In My Mart, players start by selecting a store type and location, each with its unique set of challenges and opportunities. They then design their store layout, select merchandise to sell, set prices, and manage their inventory. As the store grows, players can unlock new features, expand the store size, and add more merchandise to attract a wider customer base.


  • Choose the layout, paint colors, and decor to make your store stand out.
  • Choose from a variety of products to stock and manage inventory levels to maximize profits.
  • Determine the best pricing strategies to attract customers and increase sales.
  • Recruit and train employees to help run the store and improve customer service.
  • Unlock new features and expand the store size as the business grows.

How to play?

  1. Select a store type and location.
  2. Choose the store layout, paint colors, and decor.
  3. Select merchandise to sell and manage inventory levels.
  4. Set prices and determine the best pricing strategies.
  5. Recruit and train employees to help run the store.
  6. Expand the store by unlocking new features and increasing the store size.

Release Date

  • March 2023



  • Web browsers


  • Use WASD / arrow keys / drag the left mouse button to move around.

My Mart is an addictive and engaging game that offers a realistic retail experience with a fun twist. With its simple and intuitive gameplay, My Mart is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you want to build your dream store or experience the challenges of running a business, My Mart is the perfect game for you.


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