Super Star Car – Get Ready for the Ultimate Racing Experience

Get behind the wheel of your dream car and race against the best drivers in the world in Super Star Car. This high-speed racing game will put your driving skills to the test as you compete in thrilling races across a variety of tracks.

Super Star Car Gameplay

Super Star Car offers a variety of game modes to keep you entertained for hours. You can race against other players online in real-time multiplayer mode, or compete in single-player mode to unlock new cars and tracks. The game features a wide range of cars to choose from, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn coins that you can use to upgrade your car or purchase new ones. You’ll also be able to unlock new tracks and game modes, providing you with a never-ending supply of racing excitement.


  • Realistic car physics and handling.
  • Wide range of cars to choose from.
  • Multiple game modes, including single-player and real-time multiplayer.
  • Upgradable cars and unlockable tracks.
  • Stunning graphics and immersive sound effects.

How to Play?

  1. Choose your car and game mode.
  2. Use the on-screen controls to steer, accelerate, and brake your car.
  3. Compete against other racers and try to finish in first place.
  4. Earn coins to upgrade your car or purchase new ones.
  5. Unlock new tracks and game modes as you progress through the game.


  • Spend time getting familiar with the handling and physics of your car before taking on tougher opponents.
  • Focus on upgrading the parts of your car that will give you the biggest performance boost.
  • Pay attention to the layout of each track and adjust your driving style accordingly.
  • Study their driving habits and use them to gain an advantage in the race.

Release Date

  • April 2021


  • Super Star Car is developed by Barnzmu.


  • Web browsers


  • W or up arrow to accelerate
  • AD or left and right arrow keys to steer
  • C to change camera view
  • Spacebar to respawn position
  • Xbox Controller is also supported

Why You Should Play?

Super Star Car is the ultimate racing game for anyone who loves fast cars and adrenaline-pumping action. With its stunning graphics, realistic physics, and immersive sound effects, this game will transport you into the heart of the racing action. Whether you’re competing against other players online or challenging yourself in single-player mode, Super Star Car is the perfect game for anyone who loves the thrill of high-speed racing.

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