Air Wars 2 – Multiplayer Aerial Combat Game

Air Wars 2 is an action-packed multiplayer aerial combat game that lets you experience the thrill of flying and fighting in the skies. With a variety of customizable aircraft and multiple game modes, Air Wars 2 offers hours of thrilling gameplay and intense dogfights.

Air Wars 2 Gameplay

In Air Wars 2, you can choose from a wide range of aircraft, each with its own unique characteristics and weapons. You can customize your plane with various skins and upgrades to improve its speed, agility, and firepower. The game features three exciting game modes: Team Deathmatch, Free for All, and Capture the Flag.

In Team Deathmatch, you will be part of a team and must work together to eliminate the enemy team. Free for All is a battle royale style mode where it’s every player for themselves, and the last one standing wins. In Capture the Flag, teams compete to capture the enemy flag and bring it back to their own base while defending their own flag.


  • Multiple customizable aircraft with unique abilities and weapons.
  • Three exciting game modes: Team Deathmatch, Free for All, and Capture the Flag.
  • Intense multiplayer gameplay with players from around the world.
  • Customizable skins and upgrades for your aircraft.
  • Stunning graphics and sound effects.

How to play?

  1. Use the arrow keys or WASD to control your aircraft’s movement.
  2. Use the mouse to aim and shoot your weapons.
  3. Press the space bar to use your plane’s special ability.
  4. Collect power-ups to boost your weapons and abilities.


  • Keep moving to avoid getting hit by enemy fire.
  • Use your special ability wisely to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • Don’t forget to defend your base in Capture the Flag mode.
  • Collect power-ups to gain an advantage in battle.
  • Upgrade your plane’s speed and agility to outmaneuver your opponents.

Release Date

  • Unity Dec 2016
  • Web Browsers Dec 2016



  • Web Browsers


  • Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to fly
  • Left click to shoot
  • C to enter cockpit

Why You Should Play?

If you’re a fan of aerial combat games or just looking for an exciting multiplayer experience, Air Wars 2 is a game you won’t want to miss. With its customizable planes, multiple game modes, and intense gameplay, Air Wars 2 is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

So hop in your plane, join the battle, and dominate the skies!

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