Connect Idle – A Relaxing Puzzle Game

Connect Idle is a relaxing and addictive puzzle game that is perfect for players who want to exercise their brain and unwind at the same time. With simple gameplay and beautiful visuals, players of all ages can enjoy this game.

Connect idle Gameplay

Connect Idle offers a simple yet addictive gameplay that is easy to pick up and play for players of all skill levels. The objective of the game is to connect matching dots on a board by drawing lines between them. The lines must not cross over each other, and the entire board must be filled to complete the level and advance to the next one.

At the beginning of each level, players are presented with a board containing a certain number of dots. The dots are of different colors and are randomly placed on the board. To connect them, players must tap and drag their finger to draw a line between two matching dots. Once connected, the dots disappear from the board, and players can continue to connect other dots.

The game starts with simple boards containing only a few dots, making it easy for players to get the hang of the game mechanics. As players progress through the levels, the number of dots on the board increases, and new challenges are introduced. Players must plan their moves carefully to avoid getting stuck and failing the level.

Connect Idle features hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty, providing players with a long-lasting gaming experience. Each level is unique, and players must use their problem-solving skills to find the best way to connect the dots. The game also includes different game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

In the Challenge mode, players must complete a certain number of levels within a set time limit to earn rewards. In the Arcade mode, players must complete as many levels as possible within a certain time limit. The game also features daily challenges and rewards that keep players engaged and motivated to keep playing.


  • Simple and intuitive gameplay that is easy to understand.
  • Hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Beautiful visuals and relaxing sound effects.
  • Different game modes to keep the gameplay fresh.
  • Daily challenges and rewards to keep players engaged.

How to Play?

Playing Connect Idle is very easy and intuitive.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to get started:

  1. Tap and drag your finger to draw lines between matching dots on the board.
  2. Lines cannot cross over each other, so plan your moves carefully.
  3. Fill the entire board to complete the level and advance to the next one.
  4. Keep progressing through the levels to unlock new challenges and game modes.


  • Plan your moves in advance to avoid getting stuck.
  • Look for patterns on the board that can help you connect the dots more efficiently.
  • Use power-ups and bonuses to help you complete difficult levels.

Release Date

  • February 2023


  • Made by Neko.


  • Web browsers


  • Use the left mouse button.

Why You Should Play?

Connect Idle is a fun and addictive puzzle game that challenges your brain and helps you relax at the same time. With its simple gameplay, hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty, and different game modes to try out, this game is perfect for anyone who wants to unwind and exercise their brain. The daily challenges and rewards keep players engaged and motivated to keep playing, while the beautiful visuals and relaxing sound effects provide a calming and satisfying gaming experience. So, if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing puzzle game to play, give Connect Idle a try!

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