Gangsters: A Crazy Action Game

Gangsters is a crazy enchanting game that takes you on a journey through the seedy underworld, where you can build your own empire and become the most powerful gangster in the city.

Gangsters Gameplay

Gangsters is a role-playing game where you take on the role of a gangster trying to make a name for yourself in the city. The gameplay involves completing missions, gathering resources, building up your gang, and engaging in battles with rival gangs. The game offers a variety of challenges and tasks, from robbing banks to controlling illegal businesses, and you have to use your wit and cunning to stay ahead of the competition.


The game offers a wide range of features that make it exciting and engaging for players.

Some of the key features of Gangsters include:

  • Recruit new members, train them, and build up your gang to become the most powerful criminal organization in the city.
  • Take on a variety of missions, from heists to assassinations, to gain money and resources.
  • Control illegal businesses such as gambling dens, brothels, and drug dens to increase your income and influence.
  • Fight against rival gangs to protect your territory and expand your influence in the city.
  • Choose from a variety of weapons and outfits to customize your character and make them stand out in the crowd.

How to play?

  1. Start by creating your gangster character and choosing their outfit and weapons.
  2. Complete missions to gain resources and money.
  3. Build up your gang by recruiting new members and training them.
  4. Control illegal businesses to increase your income and influence in the city.
  5. Engage in battles with rival gangs to protect your territory and expand your influence.


  • Always keep an eye on your resources and income to ensure that you can build up your gang and control more businesses.
  • Train your gang members regularly to increase their skills and abilities.
  • Choose your battles carefully and make sure you have enough resources and members to win.
  • Upgrade your weapons and outfits to make your gangster more powerful and intimidating.

Release Date

  • December 2018



  • Web browsers


  • To jump, player one use W and player two use I
  • To use the weapon, player one use E and player two use O

Why You Should Play?

Gangsters” is an exciting and engaging game that allows you to enter the world of organized crime and build up your own criminal empire. With its variety of missions, challenges, and customization options, the game offers hours of entertainment and strategic gameplay. Whether you want to become the most powerful gangster in the city or just enjoy a thrilling gaming experience, “Gangsters” is the game for you!


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