Space Zoo: Build Towering Animal Structures in Zero Gravity!

Welcome to Space Zoo, where your wildest dreams of building towering animal structures come to life amidst the breathtaking backdrop of zero gravity. This crazy game takes you on a thrilling journey through the cosmos, challenging you to stack animals, defy the laws of physics, and create the most awe-inspiring zoological wonders in the universe. Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Space Zoo and discover why this game is a must-play for all adventure seekers!

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Space Zoo Gameplay

In Space Zoo, the cosmos becomes your playground as you embark on an exhilarating mission to construct towering animal structures in zero gravity. With each level presenting unique challenges, you’ll need to carefully stack animals to build stable and impressive towers. The game features various modes, including Survival, Catch, and Stack, offering a diverse range of gameplay experiences to test your skills and strategy.

As you progress, you’ll encounter a wide array of adorable animals from different corners of the galaxy. From charismatic pandas to majestic giraffes, each animal brings its own characteristics and challenges to the mix. You’ll need to master the art of balancing and aligning these creatures to reach new heights and unlock exciting rewards.

Game Strategies

  • Strategically select animals based on their shapes, sizes, and weights to create stable towers.
  • Take advantage of the zero gravity environment to carefully position animals and maintain balance.
  • Be mindful of the animals’ specific behaviors and adjust your stacking technique accordingly.
  • Utilize power-ups and special items to overcome challenges and boost your tower-building abilities.
  • Stay focused and adapt to the increasing complexity of each level as you climb higher into space.


  • Engaging and intuitive gameplay that combines physics-based mechanics with tower-building challenges.
  • Diverse game modes to cater to different play styles and preferences.
  • A wide variety of adorable and unique animals to collect and stack.
  • Zoo Store: Unlock and acquire new animals as you progress through the game.
  • Daily rewards and special power-ups to enhance your tower-building experience.
  • Stunning visuals and immersive sound effects that bring the galactic world of Space Zoo to life.

How to Play?

  • Tap the screen to release animals into the zero gravity environment.
  • Carefully stack animals on top of each other, ensuring balance and stability.
  • Maintain control by adjusting the position and rotation of the animals as needed.


  • Start with smaller animals to establish a solid base for your tower.
  • Aim for a strong foundation by aligning animals’ shapes and sizes.
  • Experiment with different stacking techniques to find the most effective strategies.
  • Use power-ups strategically to overcome challenging obstacles and reach greater heights.
  • Keep a steady hand and stay focused to maintain balance as the tower grows taller.

Release Date

  • May 2023


  • Developed by Moonite Games.


Player 1 Controls

  • W = rotate
  • A = move right
  • D = move left
  • S = move down
  • L-Shift + A / D = dash horizontally
  • Q = activate power-up
  • E = activate curse

Player 2 Controls

  • I = rotate
  • J = move left
  • L = move right
  • K = move down
  • R-Shift + J / L = dash horizontally
  • U = activate power-up
  • O = activate curse

Why You Should Play?

Space Zoo offers a captivating and unique gaming experience that combines physics-based challenges with the joy of building towering animal structures in the enchanting realm of zero gravity. With its engaging gameplay, diverse game modes, and charming visuals, this game provides endless hours of entertainment and an opportunity to unleash your creativity. Challenge yourself, test your strategy, and showcase your skills as you create extraordinary zoological wonders that defy gravity itself. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Space Zoo!

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