Met Rage: A Crazy Thrilling Sci-Fi Action Game

Met Rage is a crazy action-packed game, This sci-fi action game will take you on a wild ride through a dystopian society where you’ll battle against the forces of evil in order to save humanity.

Met Rage Gameplay

In Met Rage, you’ll play as a highly-skilled agent tasked with taking down a sinister organization known as The Syndicate. To do so, you’ll need to navigate through a series of challenging levels that will put your combat and platforming skills to the test.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new weapons and abilities that will help you take down tougher enemies and overcome even greater obstacles. You’ll also encounter a range of bosses, each with their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, that will require careful strategy and quick reflexes to defeat.


  • Thrilling sci-fi action gameplay.
  • Challenging levels with a variety of obstacles and enemies.
  • Unlockable weapons and abilities to enhance your combat skills.
  • Epic boss battles that will test your strategy and reflexes.
  • Immersive dystopian setting with stunning visuals and sound effects.

How to play?

  1. Use the arrow keys to move your character.
  2. Press the Z key to jump.
  3. Press the X key to shoot your weapon.
  4. Use the C key to activate special abilities.
  5. Collect power-ups and upgrades to enhance your skills.

Release Date

  • July 2019



  • Web browser


  • WASD/arrow keys = move
  • Shift = toggle sprint
  • Mouse = aim/shoot
  • Right-click = scope
  • Mouse wheel/numpad = cycle weapons
  • G = Throw Grenade
  • P = Toggle Post-FX
  • ~ = Menu

If you’re looking for an action-packed sci-fi adventure with challenging gameplay and stunning visuals, Met Rage is the game for you. Get ready to battle against evil forces, save humanity, and become the ultimate agent in this thrilling game.


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