Minestrike: The Ultimate Minecraft Shooter Game

Minestrike is a Minecraft version of the popular first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike. The game features two teams, the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, battling it out to complete objectives and eliminate the enemy team. The game is fast-paced, action-packed, and requires skill and strategy to succeed.

Minestrike Gameplay

Minestrike takes place in a Minecraft map designed to resemble a Counter-Strike map. Players can choose to play as either a Terrorist or a Counter-Terrorist, each with their own unique weapons and equipment. The game features several different game modes, including Bomb Defusal, Hostage Rescue, and Deathmatch.

In Bomb Defusal, the Terrorists are tasked with planting a bomb at one of two bomb sites, while the Counter-Terrorists must either prevent the bomb from being planted or defuse the bomb if it is planted. In Hostage Rescue, the Terrorists must prevent the Counter-Terrorists from rescuing hostages that they have captured. In Deathmatch, the two teams battle it out to see who can get the most kills.


  • Choose between playing as a Terrorist or a Counter-Terrorist.
  • Various game modes including Bomb Defusal, Hostage Rescue, and Deathmatch.
  • Unique weapons and equipment for each team.
  • In-game shop to purchase weapons and equipment.
  • Customizable controls and settings.
  • Leaderboards to track progress and achievements.
  • Regular updates with new maps and features.

How to play?

  1. Choose to play as either a Terrorist or a Counter-Terrorist.
  2. Select a game mode and join a game.
  3. Use WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim and shoot.
  4. Use the in-game shop to purchase weapons and equipment.
  5. Complete objectives and eliminate the enemy team.


  • Communication is key in Minestrike, so use the in-game chat to communicate with your team.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and stay alert for enemy players.
  • Use cover to your advantage and avoid standing in open areas.
  • Practice aiming and shooting to improve your accuracy.
  • Keep an eye on the game timer to ensure you complete objectives in time.

Release Date

  • February 2020

Last Updated

  • Mar 28, 2023



  • Web browsers


  • Left-click = attack
  • Right-click = speed up
  • Move mouse = change direction

Why You Should Play?

Minestrike offers a unique twist on the classic Minecraft game, providing players with a fast-paced, action-packed shooter experience. The game requires skill, strategy, and teamwork to succeed, making it an exciting and challenging game for players of all skill levels. With regular updates and new features, Minestrike offers endless hours of fun and entertainment. So, grab your weapons and join the battle in Minestrike today!

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